Fresh off of the overwhelming success of my 10'x30' mural for IBM's World of Watson event this past May, I was thrilled to be invited back by international Marketing giant George P. Johnson to create another mural for their Dev@ exhibition at IBM's Insight 2015 convention at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. With over 14,000 people in attendance over the course of the event, IBM Insight 2015 encapsulated IBM's most innovative techological advancements and featured contributions from some of the world's brightest creative talent, including an in-depth Q&A with Ron Howard and a spectacular ROCKTOBERFEST performance by Maroon 5.
About the Dev@ Experience:
The In Dev Mural celebrates developers as the creators and builders of our digital world, communicating the essence of their craft through art. A live mural shows how the digital world is always “in development” – the developer being its champion. The mural’s coupling with IBM developer branding shares IBM’s commitment to advancing the developer community.
 Photo Credit : Drury Design Dynamics
 Photo Credit : Drury Design Dynamics
 Photo Credit : Drury Design Dynamics
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