I was recently invited to the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami to paint an outdoor mural at Brick Miami, a great bar located in one of my favorite neighborhoods. Measuring 40' x 10' and completed over the course of a week and a half, this was my most challenging project to date but it was also the most rewarding. I'm looking forward to traveling back for Art Basel 2018 and painting another mural at Brick.
Details on that comin' soon so please stay tuned!
Adios NYC...
...and good morning Miami!!
Phase I :: Black + White Sketch
Phase II :: Continuing to flesh out the composition and adding color.
As always, there were a few obstacles to overcome. The July heat in Miami was way more severe than I anticipated (middle pic is a paint tray that melted after I left it in the sun for a few minutes) , I drank about a case of water a day and still managed to get a nasty bout of heat exhaustion. Miami is also a tropical jungle with giant mutant carnivorous moths like this guy! Just kidding he was cool.
Phase III :: Applying the finishing details and getting some positive feedback from the beautiful Miami residents in attendance.

And the finished product! A huge thank you to all of the fantastic people at Brick for being great throughout the entire process.
See you guys in again in December!
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